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Delivering Great Customer Service

Posted by Hotel Training on January 29, 2009 at 1:58 AM

Delivering Great Customer Service

Author: Darren Bourke

Have a clear understanding. First things first. Make sure you and your customers have a very clear understanding of what you will deliver. This is not the area to gloss over, mention quickly or avoid. Slow down and define the exact service or product that you'll deliver. After you think it's fully understood, confirm it again.

Commitment. Delivering great customer service consistently is all about commitment....from both parties. I actually have a Commitment Statement that I issue to every new client. It outlines what I commit to doing and what they commit to doing. It is a very powerful tool that demonstrates how serious I am about commitment.

Respect. Respect your customers and it will almost always be reciprocated. This respect extends to the way in which you treat their staff and their suppliers. If you do this genuinely and consistently, and your respect is not returned, you need to assess your relationship. A disrespectful customer chips away at your mojo and affects you in interacting with good customers. It can be hard to do, but move on from these people.

Passion. Passion is contagious. Everyone gets a buzz from being with people passionate about their work. Deliver your passion at a volume that matches your personality.

Share. Share, share and share more. No-one on this planet truly owns anything and most "new ideas" are simply "old ideas rebranded". So don't be too precious about what you share but do be surprised at how much you get back.

Trust until deceived. I believe that we all should trust until deceived rather than being a total closed book. When we are closed, opportunities and abundance can not get in. Of course, have a safety net but remember that you will get burned occasionally - but they only get you once!

Meet expectations. We either meet expectations or we don't. Don't trick yourself here. Be dedicated to delivering on your promises 99 times out of 100. We all fail to deliver occasionally and how you interact with your customers in this situation often defines the relationship. Report the bad news truthfully and in advance of them discovering it themselves. Apologise and explain what and when you will be doing to rectify it.

Be open. If I was to recommend whether to be open and transparent or closed and protective, I could only choose the former. Customer service is all about the relationship. When you are closed, there is no possibility of a relationship.

Be proactive. The customer wants you take control of them being serviced. They are seeking an experience within your interaction. Proactive people don't wait for inspiration, they listen to the request, ask questions and take control and accountability.

Do more. One of the major giveaways of people who consistently provide great customer service is that they do more than the other guy. Think of ways you can do more and do it. Every day.

Smile. This should be more obvious (and more common!) than anything else. A smile breaks down walls. I remember when MacDonald's staff used to smile to greet me and always asked a consistent relevant set of questions. Now they don't. And I notice it. Every time.

Don't let money become a problem. But it often does I hear you say. Most money problems can be eliminated by comprehensively discussing monetary matters up front. Money should be covered off verbally and in writing at the start.

Care. It's very simple - you either care or you don't care. If I don't care, and fake it, you will know I don't care. If you don't care, do something else because it will ultimately destroy you.

Truly engage in the relationship. Engaging is what happens if you care. It is working on the relationship right from the start and doing everything in your power to shape and influence it in a positive way.

Participate. Don't stand on the sidelines waiting to be invited in. Business people are so busy and focused they can't even see who's not on the field. Impose yourself on the contest!

Introduce others to help. There is no greater satisfaction that introducing a solution above and beyond your product or service. It builds trust and loyalty and complements your offering. People will talk about you.

Be constructive. Don't allow yourself to be recruited by the "ain?t it bad club". These people gossip and focus on negatives and innuendo. Choose to always be fair, constructive and positive in your output.

Be consistent. People like individuals that are consistent in their moods and behaviour. They don't have to second guess how you will behave on any given day and know what to expect from you.

Darren Bourke, Business Influence, 2008. You are welcome to ?reprint? this article online as long as it remains complete (including the ?about the author? information at the end).

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Darren Bourke is a Consultant, Business Coach & Mentor who helps small & medium businesses struggling to maximize profitability, productivity, people and performance. His Free Report titled What Successful Owners of Growth Businesses Do That You Don?t, newsletter and updates are full of strategies and tips to make your business boom. Sign up now at

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