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Hotel Executive Training & Development Program 

 Hotel Executive Training Program

Hotelier Professionals Attitude and Behavior

Being Hotel Associates once again, you will be surrounded by many high profile guests. It is therefore, important that you always behave in a professional manner and maintain positive attitude at all times.

Examine your attitude and behavior periodically to ensure that your attitude match the job role and that you love and enjoy being service to others because as Hotel Associates, serving others is our main business. We are in the ‘people oriented businesses’.

Your attitude and behavior is essential aspect in ensuring human relations are maintained or even more developed both with our paying customers and coworkers. Your attitude and behavior supports your social skills and interpersonal skills when engaging with guests and coworkers.

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  • Love Your Job Being Service to Others

By loving your job and thinking that there’s no other better job than being service to others will build upon your positive attitude towards your job, your customers and the people you work with.

  • Enjoy What You are Doing

If you are not enjoy what you are doing, do not waste your time and energy for nothing, people who interact with you, both guests and coworkers can feel and sense whether you are enjoying what you are doing or not. Being served and worked with someone who are not enjoying their job is often frustrating and does not help at all, thus if you caught in this situation, consider switching your job.

  • Be Sincere at All Times

Hotel Associates’ main goal is ensuring that each and every customers and patrons who enter or use the services are happy and satisfied. Sincerity demanded by all customers and patrons whenever they entered our hotel or uses our services. Be sincere and smile always.

  • Be Knowledgeable

Providing correct and accurate information is part of our services and guests will ask rather simple questions about services and facilities sometimes. No matter how often your guests returned to your hotel, a guest is still a guest and they expect for a service.

  • Be Prompt in Your Response

Whether guests request for a product, service or information, they expect service provider deliver those requests in timely manner. Prompt responses assure guests that being service provider – Hotel Associates – is more than willing to help and assist guests.

  • Mind Your Words and Body Languages

Attitude and behavior manifest in the way we say and do things. Choose your words carefully and observe following:

  • Keep yourself tidy. Uniforms should be spotless and immaculately clean at all times
  • Keep hair combed at all times
  • Do not wriggle arms and legs or register anger or impatience in front of guests
  • Do not chew gum while on duty
  • Do not read magazines, books, newspapers or letters while on duty
  • Do not listen to radio or watch TV while on duty
  • Do not lean against anything while on duty
  • Do not make unnecessary noise that may disturb or annoy guest such as laughing too loud, grouping and chit-chatting, rattling keys or coins, etc
  • Show enthusiasm, spirit and interests – do not give impression that you are lazy
  • Never make any remarks among yourself about guests
  • Do not stare, especially at ladies

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