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Hotel Executive Training & Development Program 

 Hotel Executive Training Program

Business Landscape Post Covid-19

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Future of businesses landscape post Covid-19 is about to change significantly.

Are you ready?

What do you have in your hand and in your pockets to accelerate with the change?

There will be no more business as usual, no more "as is" approaches, no more good old days and old ways of glory. New norm is forming, new era is born. VUCA is the past, Chaotic Era is now, 'quoting the terminology from Mr. Handry Satriago - CEO of GE Indonesia.

First ultimate question is how this post Covid-19 change, will or have affected your business landscape or business model? Each of us need to carefully review those changes in order to adapt and accelerate new approaches. You should come up with new strategies that applicable throughout business stakeholders and structure it top down. Without it, your business maybe failed to optimise the momentum and lose against rapid change in the industry.

Second, what are amongst the top changes that may required your anticipation?

Changing of your business model; customer demands; customer's interaction; offline vs online, new standards; full services vs self-services, on-site vs deliveries, new hygiene and health safety concerns are most likely what customers want and expect from a business.

Changes in your business model will ultimately change in the whole new business landscape and structure, alignment and restructuring of your entire organisation and resources are unavoidable, instead a must to enable your organisation to dance in the new chaotic world of business.

Finally, how these changes will affect your employees?

Being HR practitioner over the past years, this Covid-19 Pandemic might has caused the most severe problems for HR to face. However, despite of all the challenges we're all faced with all of those shortages, there lies a momentum of change and a golden opportunity to reshape, review and re-evaluate to realign your human resources and workforce with new demands. HR today and tomorrow will most likely to focus on new set of characters to look for; more flexibility, adaptable and creative innovations. Constance change in daily works is unavoidable because new business is changing to meet new demands.

Those employees who doesn't have those set of characters will most likely be left behind. Furthermore, businesses will look for possible downsizing to enable organisations move forward in speed and flexibility.

Our work is far from done, hang on, keep learning and keep looking for the best approaches, happy working on-site or from home. Better still from Hotel 😁😎


HR Enthusiasts & Practitioner

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