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Hotel Executive Training & Development Program 

 Hotel Executive Training Program

Hotel Chef Skills Training Materials

hotel associate training

Food & Beverage is one of the main revenue driver thus quality, design and speed of service, even healthiness of the food & beverage being presented to guest is vital to the success of the business. Kitchen Department or Culinary Department to Hotel & Restaurant industries or to a Cruise industry named Galley Department is a department responsible for all food productions for the enjoyment of the consumers and in most cases employees as well.

Understanding above, working in the kitchen being a cook or a chef required a very special skills and talent as well as passion in order to deliver best possible food with highest quality, taste and presentation.

To help Hotelier Professionals achieve above, Hotel Executive Training Program provides latest chef manuals that will give you professional skills guidance and lead you to become a professional chef and ultimately professional hotelier.

M 01. Gimme Healthy Food

· Hygiene & Sanitation

· Healthy Dishes

Scene 02. Stop! Wash Your Hand

Scene 03. Save Yourself, Save Us

· Safe Workplace

· Preventing Cuts

· Preventing Fire

· Preventing Injury from Machinery & Equipment

· Preventing Fall

· Preventing Injury & Strain from Improper Lifting

· Preventing Accident from Chemical

· Preventing Food Poisoning

Scene 04. Use these Knifes

Scene 05. Slice Me Artistically

Scene 06. Cook It this Way

Scene 07. Cooking Equipment Familiarization

Scene 08. Know Me Better

· Meat & Poultry

· Seafood

· Vegetables & Fruits

· Dairy Products

· Frozen Items

· Specialty Foods

Scene 09. FIFO System

Scene 10. Basic Sauces

Scene 11. Mis ?en Place

Scene 12. Ala-Carte Menu

Scene 13. Buffet Menu

Scene 14. Garnish & Presentation

Scene 15. Cold Kitchen

· Salads

· Dressings

· Cold Appetizers

· Food Carvings

Scene 16. Pastry

· Cakes

· Cookies

· Desserts

· Food Displays

Scene 17. Bakery

· Breads

· Rolls

· Food Displays


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