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Hotel Executive Training & Development Program 

 Hotel Executive Training Program

Hotel Professional Grooming and Appearance

Hotel, Villa, Resort or any hospitality company’s professional image begins with YOU – Hotel Associates!

As hotel associates, villa associates or resort associates, you play a vital role in shaping the public image and reputation of the Hotel.

No matter what classification or star(s) your hotel is rated, all hotels, villas and resorts demand very best service from their hotel associates.  

Why? Because to the customers, clients and patrons; you are the hotel, villa or resort itself. Your professional look, appearance and grooming creates first lasting impression which customers will remember most about your property. Combined with your professional skills and interpersonal skills they create “Quality of Service”


Providing highest quality of services, the kind of service that makes people want to return again and again, entails much more than simply knowing your job. The Hospitality Industry places special demands on personal qualities and conduct than few other industries require. As hotel associates you must have special skills and qualities which will make you an asset to premium employer. You should be sincere in wanting to provide your guests highest quality of services all the times.

Besides professional skills to perform your job effectively; first thing first, here are certain guidelines to help you project the professional image that is required.

Regardless of your division, department and position, as hotel associates you must dress and act like a true professional.

Hotel Professional Image Comes in Two Major Aspects

These two major aspects are: presentation or "Grooming" and conduct or "Attitude and Behavior"

Whether you like it or not but it is true that people judge us by the way we look, their first impressions of others depends on other’s outward appearance. Our guests, like typical people, are immediately swayed by smartly dressed, well-groomed hotel associates who obviously have taken great pains in their personal appearance. Likewise, they would have a bad impression of a hotel associate that is untidy in dressing and has poor hygiene standards.

How do you look and take care of yourself reflects not only on you but your hotel as well. That is why, it is very important for you to maintain highest standard in personal appearance and grooming.

Follow simple grooming standards and guidelines below to constantly project your professional look that led you to become professional hotel associates wherever you work.


What is Grooming?

For many years since we were at primary school, we may have heard the word “grooming” but when asked to describe more specifically we failed to do so. Many described grooming as simply dress-up or good looking individuals. What about those who are not gifted with good looking or charming looks? Will they ever be well groomed individuals?

To avoid miss leading in interpreting grooming requirements (most managers and supervisors still do) let describe what is grooming all about. Grooming is combination of all the following:

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