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Hotel Executive Training & Development Program 

 Hotel Executive Training Program


Hotel Executive Training Portal provides executive training materials which come in the form of editable slide presentations, facilitator guides and participants handouts. With these materials at hand you will be able to lead your training independently and reaches your critical mass point without depending on the training provider all the time. However in time of need, our Hotel Trainers are available to assist you deliver these training and train your hotel trainers at an affordable additional cost.

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Course Code

Hotel Executive Training Program

HET 000001

i-Value Team Members

Best employees performance did not happen by chances, it has to be managed and properly measured to determine value. Valuing employees begins and ends through series of proper assessment methods and tools..

HET 000002

i-Xceptional Supervisor

Just the Fact: many of your great employees are promoted to the next level but turn out to be poor performer. A statement like, 'He used to be great employee before but why now' is a common statement we heard. All these happened because often they left in the cloud with insufficient knowledge and skills...

HET 000003

i-Drive Fear Away

Many managers walk on a tiny line in the effort of creating respectful workplace and good working environment. Often some of them falls into red line by instilling fear in getting job well-done. This module provides guidelines for your managers how to drive fears out of the workplace..

HET 000004

i-Discipline and Grievance Handling

Discipline and Grievance is serious issue, however to some managers disciplining is tough task, yet they viewing them as punishment instead of gaining view point. Grievance on the other side, left to foster and creating unhealthy workplace

HET 000005


Many leaders failed in playing their leadership roles not because lack of competency and track records, most of their struggles and failures came in term of their inability or lacking in people skills. This module provides guidance, skills and knowledge for leaders in reshaping their leadership capacity, cultivating talent, judgments..

HET 000006

i-Live My Brand Alive

Doesn't matter how small your business is, you have a brand, the problem is you have not treated your brand as it should. In fact this happened to numerous of failing companies. Brand management is a key to a long term success of your business but it should not only to be discussed in the board room...

HET 000007

i-Drive'em Stay or GO!

Resignation and turn over is costly, we all agree but it is still happening around us. Often we did not realize and defending ourselves that they resign because of better perks, packages and advancement, we continue denied the fact that most of their resignation is caused by miss-management, etc. This module teach your managers all aspects of turn over causes and how to avoid them..

HET 000008

i-Crisis Management

Crisis? When was this happened? What are the signs? All I knew people stop buying our products and still don't know why? All we know is people stop coming back, and we taught it may be better products and services out there. This module teach your Marketing Communication, PR Managers and Operation Managers in defining crisis situation and how to handle them tactfully...

HET 000009

Workload Analysis & Manpower Planing

HET 000010 

Positional Interviewing Skills 

HET 000011 


HET 000012 


HET 000013 

i-Manage Change & Conflicts 

HET 000014 


HET 000015 

i-Build Hi-Energy TEAM 

HET 000016 

i-Time Management 

HET 000017 


HET 000018 

i-Speak Publicly

HET 000019 

i-Menu Engineering 

HET 000020 

i-Grow or Let Go! 

HET 000021 

i-Revenue Management 

HET 000022 

i-Inside Out Public Relation 

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Hotel Training Portal