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Hotel Executive Training & Development Program 

 Hotel Executive Training Program

Hotel Risks Management - Security Skills Training Materials

Hotel Risks Management and Risk Assessments help Hotels, restaurants, malls and all public facilities retain their customers because safety & security is one of the keys to customer return and patronage. With proper risks management, service providers provide safe and secure hotel for the enjoyment of its customers.

It is require serious and consistent effort not just from the hotel security but all hoteliers within the organisation.

However still, hotel security personnel hold major responsibility in overall security and safety of the hotel thus competency, skills and knowledge of all hotel security personnel is crucial in achieving this goal.

Therefore, hotel safety training maintains your hotel security personnel's competency level and continuously upgrade them with recent hotel security training manuals in various scenes provided by Hotelier - Hotel Training Forum.

Hotel Security Training Manuals provided by Hotel Associate Service, accompanied with professional hotel security guides that help your hotel security performs their duty tactfully and professionally, increase confidence in you, your guests and your brand perception – mail us at [email protected] Now! for further details:

Scene 01. Hotel Security Principles

Scene 02. General Hotel Safety & Security

Scene 03. Use of UHF Radios

Scene 04. Access Control Procedures

  • Perimeters
  • Entrance Check
  • Guest
  • Employee
  • Visitor/Contractors/Suppliers

Scene 05. Vehicle Safety & Security

Scene 06. Body & Bag Search

Scene 07. Key Control Procedures

Scene 08. CCTV System

Scene 09. Security Patrol

Scene 10. Post Surveillance

Scene 11. Lost & Found Procedures

Scene 12. Investigation

  • Lost Report
  • Stolen Items
  • Theft
  • Robbery

Scene 13. Handling Fraud

Scene 14. Detain Suspected Criminal

Scene 15. VIP Protocol

Scene 16. Dealing with Difficult Guest

  • Behavioral Issue
  • Intoxicated

Scene 17. Room Safety

  • Entering Guest Room
  • In-room Safe Opening
  • Magnetic Door Lock Investigation

Scene 18. Office Safety

  • Handling Package/Mails
  • Bomb Threat
  • Phone Threat
  • Bomb Search
  • IED
  • Vehicle Bomb

Scene 19. Emergency Procedures

  • Trapped in the Lift
  • Handling Suicide or Death
  • Handling Noise Complaint
  • Serious Injury/Illness
  • Food Poisoning

Scene 20. Incident Reporting

Scene 21. Fire Safety

  • Fire Fighting Equipment
  • Fire Warden
  • Fire Drills
  • Close Down Procedures

Scene 22. Natural Disasters

  • Tsunami Ready
  • Responding to a Flood
  • Responding to an Earthquake

Scene 23. Evacuation

  • Procedures
  • Assembly Points

Scene 24. Security Levels

Scene 25. Civil Unrest

  • Strike
  • Demonstration
  • Riot

Scene 26. Security Management System

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