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Hotel Executive Training & Development Program 

 Hotel Executive Training Program

Learning Basic Bahasa Indonesia

Whilst it is true that you can easily get around Indonesia and Bali or beyond, even if you never use a word of Bahasa Indonesia, but you are missing a great experience if you do not acquire at least a basic knowledge of Bahasa Indonesia. Everyone will cheerfully help you when they know that you are trying to speak their language.

Following are some basic conversation in Bahasa Indonesia that you can learn to spice up your holiday and vacation in Indonesia.

Dari mana? (Literally, 'where from?'). This could either mean, What country are you from? Or where did you just come from (the beach, the road, etc)?

Anda berasal dari mana? What country are you from? You answer, Dari Perancis (France), Amerika (America), Australia…

Mau pergi ke mana? Where are you going?

Apa Kabar? How are you?

Kabar Baik. I am fine.

Ya - Yes.

Tidak/bukan - No, not.

Terima kasih - Thank you.

Kembali - You're welcome.

Tolong - Please.

Ma'af - Sorry.

Permisi - Excuse me.

Nama saya… My name is…

Siapa nama anda? What is your name?


Selamat datang - Welcome.

Selamat pagi - Good morning (until 11am).

Selamat siang - Good day (11am - 3pm).

Selamat sore - Good afternoon (3-6pm).

Selamat malam - Goodnight.


Saya mau beli - I want to buy.

Ini - This

Itu - That

Berapa? - How much?

Mahal - Expensive

Harga pas berapa? - What is your fixed price?

Asking for Directions

Utara - North

Selatan - South

Timur - East

Barat – West

Kanan - Right

Kiri - Left

Dekat - Near

Jauh - Far

Dimana…? Where is…?

Berapa jauh dari sini? How far is it from here?

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