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Hotel Executive Training & Development Program 

 Hotel Executive Training Program

Purchasing Skills Training Materials

hotel associate training

Purchasing Department plays an important role in the hotel & restaurant operations because it provides and maintains a proper level of all supplies; foods, beverages, perishable and non-perishables, guest supplies, store items as well as necessary equipments to avoid causing any interruption in the operation.

In general Purchasing Department supports the entire departments within the organisation since any supplies and items that required for the operation and need to be purchased should all proceed through this department.

However in day to day operation, Purchasing Department works very closely with its counter parts; receiving section, store and reports to Finance Department.

Purchasing operations rely mainly towards proper administration skills, communication skills and negotiating skills. To be a professional purchasing associates, all those skills are crucial to ensure smooth, effective and efficient operation.

Hotel Associate Service Development, known as professional hotelier self development portal understand the needs and challenges that often arises due to the lack of knowledge, skills and competency in this field and committed to assist those who want to continuously upgrade their competency level with series of professional skills training in various scenes below;

Scene 01. Save Yourself, Save All

· Safe Workplace

· Preventing Fire

· Preventing Injury from Machinery & Equipment

· Preventing Fall

· Preventing Injury & Strain from Improper Lifting

· Preventing Accident from Chemical

Scene 02. Food Safety

· Preventing Food Poisoning

· Hygiene & Sanitation

Scene 03. Know Me Better

· Food & Beverage Store Items

a) Meat & Poultry

b) Seafood

c) Vegetables & Fruits

d) Dairy Products

e) Frozen Items

f) Specialty Foods

g) Beverage Items

· General Store Items

a) Office Supplies

b) Guest Supplies

· Engineering Store Items

a) Electrical Items

b) Mechanical Items

Scene 04. Purchasing Requisition (PR)

Scene 05. Purchase Order (PO)

Scene 06. Receiving Procedures

Scene 07. Store Management System

· Storing Procedures

· Store Issuance Procedures

· FIFO System

Scene 08. Reading Expiration Date

Scene 09. Inventory

· Weekly

· Monthly

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